Zoning Board Hearing Slated for Tuesday, March 27

Zoning requests for properties on East Main, East Jacoby and DeKalb streets will be decided on.

The Municipality of Norristown's Zoning Hearing Board will conduct a Public Hearing on the following appeals:

Variance/Interpretation For a Property at 371 East Main Street – Flower Saenz, 506 Folk St., Easton (Property Owner: Corner Development LP)

Flower Saenz is requesting a variance, in accordance with Section 320-54, Use Regulations, and an Interpretation of a non-conforming use, to operate a used car sales lot, in the NC – Neighborhood Commercial Zoning District. This hearing is a continuation from January and February meetings.

Variance/Interpretation For a Property at 213 East Jacoby Street – Kirshan Saini, 300 James Heckler Rd., Harleysville (Property Owner: Kirshan Saini)

Kirshan Saini is requesting a variance, in accordance with Section 320-29, Use Regulations, and an Interpretation of a non-conforming structure, to maintain a two-family dwelling in the R-2 Residential Zoning District.  The first floor unit was legally condemned. This hearing is a continuation from January and February meetings.

Special Exception/Variance For a Property at 1213 DeKalb Street – Yvonne DiSanto, 700 Fairfield Road, Plymouth Meeting (Property Owner: Yvonne DiSanto)

Yvonne DiSanto is requesting a special exception, in accordance with Section 320-87I(3), Use regulations, and in compliance with Section 320-123 Day-Care centers, and Section 320-106, Special exceptions, in conformance with Section 320-105, Required parking facilities, to operate a day care center for 35 children, located in the HC – Health Care Zoning District. The applicant is also requesting a use variance, in accordance with Section 320-87, Use regulations, to continue the use of three condemned apartments above the day care, and a variance from Section 320-105B1, Required parking facilities for the residential uses. A variance may also be needed for items that do not comply under Section 320-123.

Variances/Special Exception For a Property at 1009 DeKalb Street – Ario Enterprises, LLC, 1102 DeKalb St., Norristown (Property Owner: Ario Enterprises, LLC)

Ario Enterprises, LLC., is requesting variances/special exception, in accordance with section 320-87A(7), (as amended), Use Regulations, according to the standards of Article VI R-1A residential District, to allow for 2 (two) bedroom   condominiums; Section 320-105B, Required parking facilities, for the Condos, 4- 5 commercial retail space and café;  Section 320-188, Sign Uses and Restrictions for a projecting sign, and Section 320-121B, Projections into required yards for a third floor balcony. Unless the applicant is granted a variance, they will be seeking conditional use approval from Municipal Council, for the Café  and the 4- 5 Commercial retail space uses per Section 320-87B(1), Conditional Use regulations, in compliance with Article XII Section 320-54 subsections A through J and L of article XII N-C Neighborhood Commercial District of the zoning ordinance.

The applicant, as well as all persons interested and/or wishing to be heard in this matter, must be present for the Zoning Hearing Board Meeting on Tuesday, March 27, 2012, at 7 p.m., in the conference room at , 235 East Airy Street.

The owner of the property must also be present, or send with the applicant, documentation authorizing the applicant to represent him/her, such as a power of attorney or an agreement of sale or lease agreement. The lease must specifically permit the application before the board. There should be a clause stating that the application is permitted or at least that the lease is contingent upon the successful completion of the zoning application process. A corporate entity must be represented by an attorney or at least have an officer with authority (i.e. the president of the organization with specific authority to act on behalf of the corporation) present or a majority shareholder.

Persons with a disability who wish to attend the above referenced administrative hearing, and require an auxiliary aid, service or other accommodation to participate in the hearing, please call 610-270-0420.

Jayne Musonye, Director of Planning/Zoning Officer

sbell March 23, 2012 at 08:58 PM
This is not Arbor Heights @ 1009 Dekalb St is it?
James Myers (Editor) March 26, 2012 at 09:24 PM
No, it's across the street – an apparently unoccupied building.


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