MCCC Student Leaves Behind Environmental Legacy

Calvin Wang is pursuing a degree in physics at Temple University, but will always remember his environmental roots at Montgomery County Community College.

Calvin Wang, of King of Prussia, will begin his pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in physics at Temple shortly, with a toolkit that includes his passion for the environment and an associate’s degree from (MCCC).

Serving as chairman of MCCC’s Student Government Association Senate, Wang, who graduated in May, was one of two student representatives on MCCC’s Climate Commitment Advisory Council, which comprises faculty, staff, students, alumni and members of the community who work to lower the college’s carbon footprint.

“If this council can create an environmentally conscious student and faculty body, we can help create community awareness to follow this important way of life,” Wang said in a press release from the college.

Some of the plans that the council put into action include using local produce and meats in the cafeteria, creating a car pool online system for students to use called Zip Car, and creating the (which transports students between the West and Central campus), Wang said.

“The shuttle this past year was a pilot run, and the statistics have shown that the shuttle is being used by more and more students each day. I would love to come back as an alumnus and see long lines waiting for the shuttle and [fewer] cars in the parking lots. They have also made a strong push to create a more ‘recycling conscious’ student body by placing more recycling containers next to trash cans and creating signage showing what is recyclable.”

Wang’s focus on sustainability did not become fuzzy when he left MCCC, and it was not confined to the council.

“The things I do that show my commitment and passion are little things that can make a big difference if it becomes a contagious way of life,” Wang said. “I use a Brita filter for water needs, and I put it in a reusable aluminum bottle, and I just refill it everyday. I try to recycle as much as possible and support local farm markets. Carpooling is another thing I try to do to reduce my carbon footprint and save money on gas.”

Wang intends to teach physics in higher education and has already considered how he will mesh the disciplines of physics and sustainability.

“I can absolutely combine by passion for the environment with my physics degree. I can integrate sustainability within my classes. I want my students and friends to be educated and aware of how we are damaging the earth and what little things we can do to help prevent or even reverse these effects,” he said.

“The Climate Council has made plans for the future of this institution,” Wang said, “and when I come back as an alumnus, I will get to see those great ideas put into action.”

Ruthiness August 30, 2011 at 11:33 PM
What a nice little environmental brainwash student he is! He is right in line with working for the UN in their quest to do away with the Western way of life and subjugate all of us to the Green Fascist UN dictators... His parents must be so proud....


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