Norristown Area School District Board Reorganization Welcomes New Members

The board also said a sad goodbye to colleagues whose terms were ending.

Pamela Assenmacher (left) and Janet Samuels with an ethics agreement. Credit: Nicole Foulke
Pamela Assenmacher (left) and Janet Samuels with an ethics agreement. Credit: Nicole Foulke

The Norristown Area School District Board of Directors reorganization meeting on Monday night was a time to welcome new directors and a time to say goodbye to colleagues who would be leaving the board.

Board President Pamela Assenmacher stepped back from her presidential duties for the evening as board member Albert Mauthe acted as the evening’s president while the board voted for new committee-members and a new president.

It was somewhat of an emotional night, where those in the room both looked back and looked ahead for what will come in 2014 when the new board has its first meeting.

Mauthe got up to sit in Assenmacher’s seat for the duration of the reorganization. “We have one of the finest school districts around, but we don’t get the publicity we need and the press that we need,” he said, quietly. 

The four candidates who won the November election, Assenmacher (incumbent), E. Pearl Smith (incumbent), Matthew Rivera and Turea Hutson arrived with loved ones who watched as they were sworn in by the Hon. William T. Nicholas, a Montgomery County Common Pleas Court senior judge.

The board loses Denise Ashe and Susan Morrison-Bellamy. “You both have served with compassion and fidelity,” said Janice Pearce said addressing the women, and went on to quote both Ralph Waldo Emerson and Mr. Spock.

“Live long and prosper,” Pearce said, smiling.

“On behalf of the children of the Norristown area school district, thank you—a thousand times thank you,” said Superintendent Janet Samuels to Susan Morrison-Bellamy and Ashe.

At the end of the meeting each board member came up to sign an agreement about ethics and core values.

The following positions were voted on and appointed to the following people:

-School Board President: Pamela Assenmacher

-School Board Vice President: Iva J. Ferrell

-Pennsylvania School Boards Association representative: E. Pearl Smith

-Montgomery County Intermediate Unit legislative representative: Michael Melnyk

-Joint Operating Committee at the Central Montgomery Technical High School for the Arts, Sciences and Technology representatives: Pamela Assenmacher and E. Pearl Smith

-The Norristown Area Education Foundation representative: Albert Mauthe

-current school district solicitor Michael E. Clarke was reappointed.

The following school board committee positions were voted on and appointed to the following people:

-Policy: Iva Ferrell

-Staff Development: Iva Ferrell

-Education/Technology: Janice Pearce and E. Pearl Smith

-Athletic Complex: Matthew Rivera

-Family Engagement: Turea Hutson and Laura Rivera

-Recognition: Laura Rivera

-Facilities: Pamela Assenmacher

-Human Resources: Iva Ferrell and Matthew Rivera


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