School District Downsizes Robotics Program Head

Despite the layoff, School Board President Denice Ashe assured parents the robotics program will continue.

According to The Times Herald, some students, parents and supporters are unhappy with the Norristown Area School Board's decision to eliminate the Instructional Data and Technology Coordinator position, downsizing popular robotics team advisor Beth Roth.

"She brought this program to these kids who had no idea what this was, had no focus and now they have a focus," parent Lisa Fernandez told the Herald. “This is all they talk about and all they think about. It’s become a good thing for this place."

Fernandez' son Frankie is part of the robotics team. The team came to prominence in March of this year after three students – Imer Vazquez, Tony Zevallos and Fernandez – were invited to compete in the 2012 Vex Robotics World Middle School Competition, route: {:controller=>"articles", :action=>"show", :id=>"school-news-the-good-and-the-bad"} --> in Anaheim in April. There was a slight hiccup

No Excuses September 18, 2012 at 02:23 PM
Has anyone asked the school board why they chose to eliminate this position? It's great if the robotics program will be continued, but who is going to run it? Why eliminate something that has the support of the students, the superintendent and outside businesses for funding? When so many areas of NASD are failing to achieve their goals, why is the school board choosing to get rid of a position that succeeds?


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