Basketball Coach Injured in High School Brawl OK

Norristown High Assistant Basketball Coach Greg Bates was reportedly hit with a brick during a fight that happened after a game against Cheltenham High School on Friday.

A basketball game against Cheltenham High on Friday night turned ugly for the visiting Norristown Eagles when close to a hundred Cheltenham supporters reportedly attacked the visiting team on their way to the bus after the game. Norristown had won the game 59-38, and tensions from the heated game apparently spilled off the court. 

Norristown High Assistant Basketball Coach Greg Bates was reportedly injured during the melee and was taken to Chestnut Hill Hospital for stitches for a gash in his head.

Bates told NBC10 that he had been trying to pull off several attackers who were stomping on one of his players on the ground when he was hit in the head.

"One of the kids came off from the left – someone said he had a brick in his hand – and hits me," Bates said.

Norristown Area High School Athletic Director Chuck Knowles told Patch he spoke with Bates over the weekend, who told Knowles he was doing fine.

According to NBC10, Cheltenham Athletic Director Scott Layer said the school district will be investigating the incident. 

It is unclear if anyone has been charged in connection with the melee and calls to Cheltenham Police have not been returned.

See NBC10 interview with Bates here.

Patch will update this story as more information becomes available.


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