Greater Norristown PAL’s Boxing Mentorship Program Kicks of 2014 Season

The program, open to boys and girls, builds confidence, financial literacy and a mean left hook.

Two boxers at GNPAL. Credit: Nicole Foulke
Two boxers at GNPAL. Credit: Nicole Foulke

The Greater Norristown Police Athletic League (GNPAL) hosted the grand opening of their specially-enhanced boxing and mentorship program in Norristown titled “I Got Hands” on Saturday afternoon, where Fred Clea, GNPAL’s boxing coordinator and coach, gathered with about 20 of his boxing students to kick off the program season.

According to Clea, “I Got Hands” is open to ages 10-25 years, and it teaches not only boxing, but life skills like taking charge of one’s own finances.

There is a combination of boxing, which Clea says builds confidence and drive, and the financial literary, which students will learn and then teach to others their age on field trips away from GNPAL to other recreation centers.

What we’re trying to teach them is responsibility,” said Clea.

And pride, and fun.

This is his first year as the coordinator of the program, having volunteered for three years prior. This year, he said, the students will compete under USA boxing, an overseer of boxing athletes in the country.

There is still time to sign up for the program, which is open to boys and girls, this year. The program will be held Monday through Friday, from 3-8 p.m. Registration is $70.

GNPAL is located at 340 Harding Boulevard in Norristown.

For further information about the program, including sponsorships, visit the “I Got Hands” page on GNPAL’s website here: http://www.greaternorristownpal.org/boxing/




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