Norristown Celebrates 200 Years of History

Norristown is celebrating its 200 years of history with a year-long birthday party full of events starting in March.

According to a release issued by the municipality, Norristown will be celebrating it's bicentennial with a whole year full of events for the whole family. Since 2010, a dedicated crew of elected officials and community leaders have been working to plan events and raise money to make the celebration possible. You can help by making a donation. Make checks or money orders payable to the Municipality of Norristown and mail to: Municipality of Norristown, Attention Bicentennial Committee, 235 East Airy Street, Norristown, PA 19401.

The celebration kicks of on Saturday, March 31, with a family fun day hosted at .  

An "old-fashioned" community carnival will be held on the grounds of the former Kennedy-Kenrick High School on April 18 through 21, complete with rides, food and games of chance.  

Norristown's international festival takes place on Marshal Street on Saturday, May 12. Residents from all over the area are invited to come and experience the variety of food, culture and entertainment that makes Norristown an exciting multi-cultural community.  

A professional bike race comes to Norristown on May 19, when top area racers test their skills and endurance.  

Mexican Independence Day is September 15. Residents can learn about Mexican history and culture and experience the best Mexican food in the region at this all-day celebration.  

The birthday celebration ends in September when the Pennsylvania Fireman’s Convention and Parade comes to town on the Sept. 27 through 29.  During this three-day event, fire departments from all across Pennsylvania will gather in Norristown. The event culminates with an all-day parade showcasing fire apparatuses from across the state, marching bands and other attractions.

These are only some of the great events that will liven up Norristown this year. Visit the municipality’s website for information on all the attractions throughout the year.

Jim Bateman August 23, 2012 at 10:54 PM
As a boy, born in Norristown in 1947. I remember growing up, and celebrating the SESQUI-CENTENNIAL where the men of Norristown were told to wear beards until the celebration ended as they carried a wooden coffin, with a huge wooden RAZOR to the old Dekalb st. bridge. Of course. I also remember when JFK came to town at Roosevelt Field. My father made me go with my sister, and I got to touch his hand. Quite an honor...so many years later. Congratulations to Norristown. That old expression "You can't go home" is true now as I visit Google Earth to see The Norristown I once knew and loved. Has changed.


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