Share What You See on Your Snow Day!

Add your best snow day photos to Norristown Patch’s Photo Board.

It is a snow day around Norristown and you might be snapping some shots of pretty mounds of white stuff, that ‘snowman’ you can see from your backyard that technically looks more like Jabba the Hutt, the road conditions and anything else that you find interesting.

In Norristown Patch’s board section we recently added a ‘Norristown Patch’s Photo Board,’ where you can post photos (and videos) of all things Norristown and of your Norristown. We hope that you feel inspired to post about your snow day.

It’s pretty easy. Just log into the Norristown Patch site, click here for the photo board, click on the words “What’s on your mind?” and add your photo or video, along with any other info you would like to share (hopefully a caption).

If possible, we might just put some of our favorites in a special photo article and share.

Have fun, and please follow our terms of use.


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